Thursday, 25 July 2013


Reflection within a shadow... walked into the bathroom with the light off and noticed there was a reflection back into my shadow.



Here's my second experimental batch. Decided to upload the pictures I took whilst still figuring it out!

And the ones that did work...
The effect is called Bokeh and you basically create a new shape of aperture, this attempt was a heart.


My memory card from my compact also failed, so there were several pictures I wanted to take but couldn't (missed a few dotted days)


An image I usually would have given up on taking, but this time I went onto manual and actually made sure I got it. 


So, after going to a talk by a pro music photographer, when he told the group about his journey into the profession, I felt really inspired to try out some various specialisms, just to dip my toes in the water. So for many of my recent 365 photos I've had a specialism in mind in some way. Starting off particularly by looking like vast contrasts in dark and light>>gig photography. I also want to try some more experimental stuff - so I have!


Here was my first more experimental sesh. I love how some of them look like crystal structures, like this: